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Exede High Speed Satellite Internet – The best internet service provider in your area

Having established itself as the undisputed leader in the provision of rural high speed internet, Exede Satellite Internet is now offering Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) as a home phone service. With this service, you will be able to enjoy not only the fastest internet connection in your area but it will also be complimented by an excellent phone service. In case you are looking for a good deal, you can bundle both services and you will end up paying one convenient bill.

Experience the Exede VOIP service

Over the years, Exede has built a reputation for offering a fast and reliable internet connection to its customers. The company’s subscribers have come to expect high standards from the provider. Considering that the phone service runs on the same platform with the tried and tested internet services, there is no doubt that customers can expect a superb phone service from the provider. Exede Voice has distinguished itself for offering a superior service in comparison to other VOIP providers, traditional phone services providers, cell phone companies and other satellite internet service providers. The service from Exede has all the features that you can expect from a top phone service provider including call waiting, voice mail, caller ID and the best rates in the market. The truth is that you actually pay only a fraction of the cost of a regular phone line.

Exede Voice Phone service benefits and features

Exede Internet offers top customer service for VOIP phone service

Exede has a reputation for caring about the welfare of its customers. This caring attitude and great customer service is not confined to the internet side of the business only. Exede VOIP customers can expect the same standards of service that include a 24-hour customer service. Once a customer subscribes for the service, the company sends a package that contains all the items needed to connect the VOIP phone service. The set up is very simple and does not require to be done by a qualified technician. Once you plug in the voice adapter, the service is activated and you can start making calls. We welcome you to contact our friendly customer service to discuss the best way to bundle your internet and phone services.